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Turning Pages, Igniting Minds: International Children's Book Day

By Oscar Gonzalez

Today is International Children's Book Day, and it has reminded me of how I was introduced to the wonderful world of reading. One of my fondest childhood memories is seeing my grandfather sipping a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper on lazy Sundays. Despite having only completed primary school, he was an avid reader. On Sundays, he would ask me to go buy the newspaper while he prepared the coffee. The Sunday edition included a small magazine called Sunday Readings, featuring various articles for readers of all ages. But what I loved most were the comics. With different characters and episodic storylines, I eagerly followed along each week, and this habit became one of the most beautiful and rewarding parts of my life: reading.

International Children's Book Day is a celebration of children's literature that takes place on April 2nd every year. This day is meant to inspire a love of reading among children and to emphasize the importance of literacy in their lives. In this post, I highlight the significance of International Children's Book Day and the ways in which parents, teachers, and caregivers can encourage children to read.

The origins of International Children's Book Day can be traced back to 1967 when the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) declared this day to be a celebration of children's books. Since then, this day has been celebrated around the world with the aim of promoting literacy and the love of reading among children. The theme for International Children's Book Day changes every year, and it is usually chosen to reflect current trends in children's literature.

Encouraging children to read is one of the most important things that we as adults can do for them. Reading is not only important for children's academic success, but it also helps them to develop empathy, imagination, and critical thinking skills. Here are some tips for encouraging children to read:

  1. Read to your child: Reading aloud to your child is a great way to introduce them to the world of books. Choose books that are appropriate for their age and interests, and make sure to ask questions to keep them engaged.

  2. Set aside time for reading: Make reading a part of your child's daily routine. Set aside a specific time each day for reading, and encourage them to read on their own as well.

  3. Visit the library: Take your child to the library regularly and let them choose books that interest them. Encourage them to explore different genres and authors.

  4. Lead by example: Children are more likely to read if they see their parents or caregivers reading. Make sure to model good reading habits and talk about the books that you are reading.

  5. Make it fun: Reading should be an enjoyable activity for children. Choose books that are entertaining and engaging, and don't be afraid to be silly or use funny voices when reading aloud.

International Children's Book Day is an important reminder of the power of books and the importance of encouraging children to read. By promoting literacy and a love of reading, we can help children not only to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life but to become better persons, better humans. So, pick up a book and share the joy of Sunday Readings with a child today!

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