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How to provide effective feedback to team members

Call center managers and team leaders can provide corrective and nurturing feedback to their team members to improve agent performance. If you work in a management department, this is an essential skill.

What needs to be considered is that if done correctly, team members will listen and accept feedback and take action, but if done incorrectly, you may have resentment and closed minds.

Unfortunately, most call center managers and team leaders have not received training on how to provide feedback in a positive and nurturing way and make team members want more.

This article will introduce a simple process for providing positive, practical, and helpful corrective feedback so that your team members are eager to follow your suggestions and come back to hear more from you.

As an example of providing effective feedback, this article will guide you through the feedback process of a recorded call monitored by the center manager and team leader.

Listen to the Call Attentively

The most effective way to provide feedback is to listen to the recording and rate it so that you can review the recording to understand the main points of the call you want to talk about to your team members.

You should always use the score sheet to rate the call to ensure that you capture all areas of the call that need to be corrected. Still, more importantly, you can identify the areas that were done correctly to encourage this specific behavior with praise!

Schedule your Feedback Session

After you finish scoring the call, please take a few minutes to plan your feedback meeting.

Think about what you want to achieve with your feedback and what you want to achieve from your team members after receiving your feedback and any coaching or training courses you need to provide.

Identify the things they did right during the call

Just as important as identifying what they did wrong, you also want to comment on the things that were done right, and when you give them feedback, you can praise them.

You want to find good points to praise them and encourage them to repeat these behaviors, so they start to see feedback from you as a positive experience.

Allow them to evaluate their call

Once you have made your plan, bring them in and explain that you have scored a call that you want them to listen to it as well. Give them a blank score sheet and ask them to rate it as you bot listen to it.

After the call is over, give them your thoughts on the entire call, and specifically mention what you think they have done very well. Then go through each section of the score sheet, compare scores and discuss.

This will give the two of you an opportunity to understand the two different perceptions of each aspect of the call and the reasons why the views differ.

Always end the feedback session by mentioning what they did very well, and let them know that you have confidence in them and that you think they will make excellent improvements after the coaching session.

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